Day: April 10, 2018

Best Camera for Blogging

A blog without photos is not a blog.

Yes, photos are vital. And your photos should be personal and most importantly, they are shot by you. So if you are looking for the best camera for blogging the first priority is that it is simple to use and handy so that anywhere you go, may it be rough or smooth roads, wavy or calm seas, you are able to take the shots of your life and put them on your blog and show it to the world… to the online world, technically.

Stock images that suit your needs will not suffice your blog making it much easier and practical to shoot your own images and have a sense of ownership on your photos. After all, buying a camera is almost tantamount to paying subscription to premium stock images online.

Things to consider when choosing a camera for blogging:

Tiltable Screens

Having screens that can be tilted provides a better shot composure at yourself without needing a hand from others.

Quick Sharing

Blogging requires fast and uncomplicated sharing from one device to another. Cameras with capability on connecting to smartphones or tablets are an advantage especially if you are a blogger.

Low-light Performance

[Pacific Poker]

All kinds of bloggers, even if you are a travel blogger, fashion, food, and others, you will surely come to a place with poor lighting that will make your photos darker or blurry. No one wants to make their photos unappealing to their viewers and readers. So it is better to invest on a camera that still performs well even in a low-light environment. If you are just a newbie in blogging, here are some recommended best cameras for blogging:

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

This camera has a tilting LED screen to make sure you capture the perfect frame that you need for your shots. Whether you want to be in the frame or not, you can deliberately see the frame and compose your shot.


Sony DSCWX220

This camera has a one touch Wi-Fi sharing that will surely offer a hassle-free blogging.


Sony Alpha a7S II

This is a mirror less interchangeable lens camera designed to shoot challenging lighting conditions. So, no need to worry, anywhere you go, it shall guarantee that you will achieve a nice image even in a low-light environment.


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